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From Arusha, we drive about 1 hour to the Meserani Snake Park where a whole array of activities await us: Snake farm Maasai Museum Maasai artifact shopping Camel ride On Tuesday or Friday, the Maasai have their cattle market. It's a great time to observe the Maasai in their everyday life. We can also taste BBQ lamb, the way the Maasai eat it. There's also a nice bar and restaurant in the Park. If we still have time, we'll cross the road to Oldonyo Orok (Black Mountain), a great place to shop for curios, artifacts, books, etc.Great photo opp: The view of Mount Meru from Meserani Snake Park is completely unobstructed on days without clouds.


Meserani Snake Park, a venomous snake park, is a fantastic site for seeing and learning about some of the world's deadliest snakes. It is located 25 kms west of Arusha town. The park is ‘home’ to a variety of snakes common in Eastern and Southern Africa, from the Black Mamba to the black and red spitting cobras and the African Python. Mainly local snakes are housed at Meserani, the non-venomous snakes are kept in open pits while the cobras, mambas and boomslangs are kept behind glass. Other reptiles found here include monitor lizards, chameleons and crocodiles. The park is a temporary home for a few orphaned or injured birds while they are rehabilitated.



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