Tanzania Western Circuit

Although off the beaten track, the western circuit offers visitor an incredible glimpse of Tanzania at its best. Chimpanzee trekking in Gombe Stream and Mahale National Park is the wildlife experience of a lifetime, and few who return from their safari fail to marvel at the up-close experience. Katavi National Park is remote bastion of the wild Africa, the rugged terrain certain to bring adventure and breathtaking experiences. The often neglected shores of Lake Victoria are also a pleasant retreat from the safari circuit and offer boating, fishing, and hiking excursions for visitors who are not content to admire the scenery.

Best time to Visit the Western Circuit The best time to visit Nationalparks in Western Tanzania is during the dry season (June - November) because the roads within the Nationalparks are passable. The dry season also means that the game is more concentrated around the rivers that run through these vast parks, thus making it easier to spot wildlife. When viewing chimpanzees though, the wet-season (December to April) makes it a little easier to find the chimps since they don't have to roam too far to get water.

Tanzania Western Circuit covers the following National parks.