Western Tanzania Safaris | unforgettable Chimpanzee Tracking in Tanzania

Tanzania's Western Safari Circuit .Western Tanzania is the least visited part of Tanzania but perhaps the most interesting for travelers with a sense of adventure. Western Tanzania is also where you can see chimpanzees in their natural habitat. There are two parks you can see chimpanzees ( Gombe National park stream and Mahale National park ) but note that children under 10 are usually not allowed to track these primates. You should budget at least 4 days to visit western Tanzania's parks.



Best time to Visit the Western CircuitThe best time to visit National parks in Western Tanzania is during the dry season (June - November) because the roads within the National parks are passable. The dry season also means that the game is more concentrated around the rivers that run through these vast parks, thus making it easier to spot wildlife. When viewing chimpanzees though, the wet-season (December to April) makes it a little easier to find the chimps since they don't have to roam too far to get water.